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By | October 16, 2017

About Google Forms

Creating an online form, be it a poll, a survey, a questionnaire, or a quiz, is now easy and free with Google Forms, one of the applications provided by Google in its Google Suite. By using Google Forms, users can also easily select the types of questions ranging from multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown, to linear scale questions. Users can send their forms online by sharing the link to their forms, and reach many people without having too much trouble. Beside that, users will also get immediate results from Google Forms in the form of spreadsheet. Users can also get the data summaries from Google Forms in the form of charts. Also, just like Google Slides, and Google Docs, Google Forms allows the users to collaborate with other people to build the polls, surveys, questionnaires, or quizzes. Thus, collaborating with other people will be just a click away.

Watch this following video to give you general overview of and to make you understand more of what Google Forms are.

Google recently updated its Google Forms in 2017, and here is the overview of the new features of Google Forms.

Why people choose to use Google Forms

There are many other survey and form-making tools available online on the internet such as SurveyMonkey, SurveyLegend, Micropoll, and Polldaddy. Each of these online survey and form-making tools has their own advantages and disadvantages, but we will focus on the advantages of Google Forms. Here are some of the reasons why people choose to use Google Forms:

    1. Users can create unlimited free forms in Google Forms, while many other survey tools usually offer a certain amount of free polls or survey before they offer the users with the paid services. Google allows its users to create as many polls and surveys as possible, or until the Google Drive storage is full, which will take a long time for some users.
    2. Google Forms provide users with variety of types of forms with various types of questions as it has been mentioned previously. It also provides various themes that users can choose. Users can even upload their own images for the background.
    3. screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-4-03-18-amUsers can get the result directly send to their Google Drive in the form of shareable spreadsheet. They can then get analysis or data summaries from Google Forms in the form of charts. They can also analyze the data further using Google Sheets or other software.
    4. If the users need to collaborate with other people, or their work encourage them to collaborate with co-workers, they will love Google Forms because it allows its users to share both the editing of the forms and the results with as many people as they like. All collaborators are able to view at the same time, to edit at the same time, and to see other people’s edit as they make them.
    5. Google Forms also provide logic threading, which means that users can change how the survey goes based on the answers from the participants. For example, a survey on Web 2.0 tools will go to two different sets of questions based on the answer of the first question on whether or not they like Web 2.0 tools. If the participants choose yes, then the questions will continue to the session asking Web 2.0 tools that they like and why they like them; whereas, if the answer is no then the next question will be why they do not like Web 2.0 tools. Here is the sample questionnaire.
    6. Google Forms are mobile-friendly, which means that the forms created using Google Forms are able to be used with any simple browser on any device. This feature makes Google Forms good for polling in a meeting or a conference.

How to create a form with Google Forms

In order to create a form, you can go to Google Drive and then click on New, more and choose Google Forms, or you can go to this link and click on go to Google Forms, and then create a blank form or choose one of the templates.

Once you are on Google Forms page, you can add the title of your form and add questions. However, before you add questions to your form, you can choose the theme for your form.

For a complete tutorial of how to create forms with Google Forms, please watch this following video:

You can also read the tutorial to Create a Survey using Google Forms.

In order to familiarize you with Google Forms, please fill out this following questionnaire entitled Computer Literacy Online List of Contacts. As the title suggests, the questionnaire is meant to collect the data from the students of Computer Literacy (Online) Course.


Form Computer Literacy Online 2017 List of Contacts

Then, fill out this following questionnaire. This questionnaire provide an example of how the logic threading works in Google Forms.

Form Web 2.0 Tools (Computer Literacy Online 2017)

Good luck and enjoy the ride 🙂

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